Ariel Mage Queen of Athel Loren

4 september 2014

ENGLISH This is my Ariel, Mage Queen of Athel Loren. I used the legs of Asharah (Ranging Heroes). The torso comes from Lunah (Kabuki Models). Mane of hair of Eldar Avatar of Khaine (WH40k).

ITALIANO Questa è Ariel, la Regina Maga di Athel Loren. Ho usato le gambe di Asharah (Ranging Heroes). Il torso è di Lunah (Kabuki Models). I capelli dall’Avatar di Khain degli Eldar (WH40k).

Look at my Wood Elves and Realm of Ghyran

Ariel Wood Elves Mage Queen Ariel Wood Elves Queen Wood Elves Athel Loren Queen Wood Elves Queen Ariel queen of Wood Elves

—-May 28, 2010—

To compare the size:

—-May 20, 2010—



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