warhammer dark elves Morathi —–November 2, 2010——

ENGLISH Morathi, the Hag Sorceress of Grond. The mane of hair comes from Forge World Eldar Avatar.

ITALIANO Morathi, la Strega Incantatrice di Grond. I capelli provengono dall’Avatar di Khaine degli Eldar di Forge World.

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Warhammer Dark Elves MorathiWarhammer conversion

Warhammer Dark Elves conversionWarhamme dark pegasus

Warhammer Hag SorceressWarhammer Morathi conversion

Warhammer Elfos OscurosWarhammer Elfes NoirsWarhammer Dark Elves

—–June 16, 2010——

ENGLISH I modified the base to raise this character.

ITALIANO Ho modificato la basetta per innalzare questo personaggio.

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