warhammer neferata ENGLISH Neferata on her throne. Vampire maids dance for her among veils and snakes. Bastet defends his mistress from a too curious rat. This conversion has won the second prize at “The Golden Bat Competition – Summer 2010 – Converting” context organized by Carpe Noctem forum. Thank you to everybody!

ITALIANO La mia Regina dei Vampiri sul trono. Ancelle vampiro danzano tra veli e serpenti e Bastet difende la sua padrona da un ratto troppo curioso. Questa modifica ha vinto il secondo premio al “The Golden Bat Competition – Summer 2010 – Converting” concorso organizzato dal forum Carpe Noctem. Grazie a tutti!

Look at my Vampire Counts army and Nagashizzar army

1x AoW Vampire Countess2x GW, Blood Bowl: Vampire Cheerleader1x GW, chariot base1x Rackham, Confrontation “Le Roi des Cendres Sophet Drahas” throneBits:

1 spear stick of GW Wood Elves Glade Riders

1 bat wings helm of GW VC Grave Guards

1 right wing of GW WH40K Tyranid Gargoyle Brood

2 cloaks of GW High Elves Archers

1 cat skeleton from Mantic Games Skeleton Regiment

1 rat from Heroquest

1 snake head of stick from GW Empire Wizard

warhammer vampire warhammer Neferata


warhammer conversion vampire

warhammer Neferata

Neferata vampire queen

Undead conversion


Warhammer conversion Neferata queen of Lahmia

Neferata conversion



Daemons of Chaos Dark Elves the Empire High Elves Lizardmen
Nagashizzar Skaven Vampire Counts Warriors of Chaos Wood Elves

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