ENGLISH This is Aazella Silkenthighs bearer of Slaanesh standard, the Slaanesh character from the short story The Laughter of Dark Gods.

ITALIANO Questa è Aazella Coscediseta, portatrice dello stendardo di Slaanesh. Il personaggio di Slaanesh del racconto La risata degli Dei Oscuri.

Components of Aazella:
1 Pirate Queen Skarre legs (Privateer Press – WarMachine – Cryx)
1 Dark Eldar female Archaon chest(Wh40k)

2 cloak of old Warrior of Chaos sprue
1 Banner of Seekers of Slaanesh
1 Icon of Slaanes (Wh40k – Space Marines of Chaos)
1 Dark Eldar whip (Wh40k)
1 Steed of Slaanesh

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