warhammer vampire ENGLISH A Strigoi Vampire Countess, based on the tale The Silver Princess

ITALIANO Una contessa vampiro Strigoi, basata sul racconto La Principessa d’Argento

1x PP, Hordes, Legion of Everblight Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight
2x Mantic, Ghoul
1x GW, 40mm square base

2 GW Ghoul heads
1 Kabuki Models, Lunah left arm
1 Gw Diad face
1 Gw Winged Vampire Lord head
1 GW Hellcannon of Chaos Skulls

Look at my Nagashizzar army and Vampire Counts army



Daemons of Chaos Dark Elves the Empire High Elves Lizardmen
Nagashizzar Skaven Vampire Counts Warriors of Chaos Wood Elves

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