Yrtle and Finreir

ENGLISH These two are Yrtle and Finreir during the Great War against Chaos.

ITALIANO Questi sono Yrtle and Finreir, arcimaghi degli Alti Elfi durante la Grande Guerra contro il Caos.

Teclis old model.
Sword from (Avatar of War) Dark Elf Prince with two weapons.
Top of the staff of High Elves wizard

Legs from Oracle of Dune (Confrontation – Kelt Sessairs)
Arms from old High Elves wizard on horse.
Torso and head from High Elves wizard sprue/ Wizard on Dragon

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Finreir 2 Finreir High Elves Yrtle Yrtle and Finreir High Elves Mages Yrtle



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